Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ketamine?

Will Ketamine Therapy Help My Treatment Resistant Depression?

Are Ketamine Infusions Addictive?

Do I Need to Bring Someone With Me?

Can I Eat or Drink Before My Appointment?

Do I Need to Stop Taking Any of My Medications Before I Begin Ketamine Therapy?

Will My Insurance Pay for Ketamine?

Will I Require Ketamine Infusions for the Rest of My Life?

What Should I Expect During a Ketamine Treatment?

Do I Need to be Referred by a Psychiatrist?

Where is the Treatment Performed?

How Many Ketamine Infusions Will I Receive?

What Happens After My Series of Infusions?

If Ketamine Therapy Works for Me How Soon Will I Feel Better?

Is Oral, Nasal, or IM Ketamine a Comparable Alternative to IV Ketamine?

What Medical Conditions Could Prevent Me from Receiving IV Ketamine?