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Ketamine Therapy - New advancements in psychiatry for treatment-resistant depression


Ketamine infusion therapy is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in psychiatry for the treatment of depression in decades and has taken the medical community by storm. Treatment-resistant mental health conditions can leave patients feeling they have few options and hopeless that their condition can change. As a psychiatrist who cares deeply for her patients and is humbled by the services I wish to provide those I see, I have spent much of my career sitting along-side patients who are suffering, wishing there was something more to offer. Because quite frankly, the medications and treatments for depression we have to offer have been lacking in efficacy compared to other areas of medicine. When you are diagnosed with strep throat, you know penicillin is the cure. When you are diagnosed with depression, treatment takes sometimes many weeks to take effect, and you are faced with the fact that only at most half of patients respond to that first prescribed antidepressant. Neural Health Therapies was conceived after years in clinical practice in an effort to provide hope for patients and accessibility to cutting edge treatments when traditional modalities have been less than ideal and have not offered relief.

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